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JD/MA in Bioethics


Under the auspices of the Wake Forest University School of Law and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the dual Juris Doctor and Master of Arts in Bioethics (JD/MA in Bioethics) degree program facilitates interdisciplinary and comparative study of law and bioethics and serves as excellent preparation for work in health law and policy. Students are able to earn two advanced degrees in as few as 3.5 years.

Persons interested in the JD/MA in Bioethics program must apply separately to the School of Law and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and be accepted for admission by both schools. These applications do not need to be simultaneous, but they should indicate the intent to be considered for the dual degree program. Alternatively, students may submit a separate application to enroll in the dual degree program if already admitted to either School.

Students must notify the law school of their intention to pursue a dual degree before undertaking the program by completing the Notice of Intention to Pursue a Dual Degree Form.

Law School Requirements

When undertaken as part of the dual JD/MA in Bioethics program, the JD degree requires completion of 78 hours of law course work including the degree requirements prescribed by the law school for graduation.

Academic Advising

Students will be provided a faculty advisor from each school to help guide them through the program and its curriculum. To make the most of the degree program, students will meet with both advisors at least once during each semester.

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