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JD/MA in Religious Studies


We are currently not enrolling students in the program.

The JD/MA in Religious Studies program facilitates an interdisciplinary and comparative study of law and religion and encourages students whose academic or career interests require gaining competence in both disciplines.

Interested students can combine the three-year law curriculum and the two-year MA curriculum into a four-year program. Students will first complete a year of work in the Department for the Study of Religions. Years 2 and 3 will be completed in the School of Law. For the 4th year, students will enroll in each school for one semester, completing any remaining degree requirements and elective courses that are joint-degree appropriate.

Students must notify the law school of their intention to pursue a dual degree before undertaking the program by completing the Notice of Intention to Pursue a Dual Degree Form.

Law School Requirements

When undertaken as part of the joint JD/MA in Religious Studies program, the JD degree requires completion of 75 hours of law course work including the degree requirements prescribed by the law school for graduation.

Academic Advising

Students will be provided a faculty advisor from each school to help guide them through the program and its curriculum. To make the most of the degree program, students will meet with both advisors at least once during each semester.

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